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Enhance your collection with our limited edition prints and reproductions. Our artworks, wallpapers and stationery also make beautiful personal or corporate gifts.  If you have any questions regarding our products please contact us.  Original Richard Weatherly artworks are also available for sale at the Richard Weatherly store.

Pelican No. 1

In stock
Product Details

Archival Print on Paper

A4 size (Mounted to A3)

Framed available on request : Natural Ramin Pine (Sustainably Sourced, within Australia) $150

Pelicans are an easy butt of jokes about their huge bill and clumsy waddle on land, but while swimming they can assume the buoyant majesty of a galleon in full sail, often while collaboratively herding fish into the shallows before rhythmically plunging their heads below water in unison to feed.
However, it is in the air that they rise to their greatest powers, gracefully gliding on long wings in wide circles as they soar to great heights, or often gliding with fixed wings for astonishing distances within centimetres of the surface of wide expanses of water, a technique known as ‘pressure-soaring’.

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